Hyo is my 1st love, Yul is my favorite, & Sica is my inspiration

Still cant believe this is happening.

As a sone, soshi for me is not just a girl group. I adore their hardwork to reach their dream together. They had to lose their childhood and got trained for years until worthy achievement accepted.

They also helped me with my situations. Inspired me.  Soshi totally brought me out of my sadness. I realized something after their words “hard work never betray you”. You have to keep trying, practicing, and also believing that you can get what you want.

Smiles, sweats, and tears. Never forget that.

And now, this happened.

And for some reason, i am broken. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Thank you for the memories soshi. I’ll support you always Sica. OT9 will forever remain as beautiful part of my life.

Just like Onion said : You guys always be my legends who broke standards and moved hearts <3

PS : Avadakedavra SM.

Congratulations for 1st win!!


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